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A 12‐week bicycling training regimen improves gait in people with Parkinson's disease
Nadeau A., Duchesne C., Lungu O., Robillard M.E., Boré A., Bobeuf F., Lafontaine A.L., Bherer L., Doyon J.

A case of misdiagnosed essential tremor (ET)
Harutyunyan K., Gabrielyan I., Amirjanyan H., Khachaturyan S., Voskanyan A., Avagyan G., Manvelyan H.

A case of severe dystonia secondary to pediatric hemolytic uremic syndrome
Pham T.

A case of vascular Parkinsonism simultaneous with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP)
Gabrielyan I., Amirjanyan H., Harutyunyan K., Avagyan G., Hambardzumyan H., Manvelyan H.

A comprehensive approach to Parkinson's disease
Vaughan C.P., Vandenberg A.E., Goldstein F.C., Trotti L.M., Hermida A.P., Weeks M.L., Factor S.A.

A family affected by SCA27 caused by interstitial chromosome 13q33.1 deletion
Paucar M., Lundin J., Svenningsson P., Iwarsson E.

A functional magnetic imaging study of the response in the superior colliculus to looming stimuli in cervical dystonia patients and their relatives
Mc E.M., Butler J.S., Narasimham S., Williams L.J., Beiser I., Reilly R.B., O'Riordan S., Hutchinson M.

A functional neuroradiological study in an adult case of beta‐propeller protein‐associated neurodegeneration
Kumada S., Hayakawa I., Nakata Y., Yoshida-Kasai E., Uchino S., Hachiya Y., Kurihara E., Yokochi F.

A genetically‐proven case of Huntington's disease in the Philippines
Supnet M.L.D., Diaz A.F.

A historical review of Wilson's disease
Branco F.M., Scheffer B.E., Arruda W.O., Teive H.A.G.

A Japanese family of hereditary geniospasm
Miyamoto R., Kawarai T., Oki R., Miyazaki Y., Izumi Y., Kaji R.

A literature review of possible environmental factors in the pathogenesis of dystonia
Peterson D.A., Sejnowski T.J.

A m.12242A>G MTTS2 (mt‐tRNASer(AGY)) variant in a patient with dystonia and choreoathetoid movements
Ellis R.J.B., Bonello M., Fletcher N.A., Hardy S.A., Taylor R.W.

A metabolomic study in post‐mortem DBS human tissue
Vedam-Mai V., Sternberg S., Williams M., Garrett T.J., Okun M.S.

A missense mutation in RAB39b causes X‐linked dominant Parkinson's disease
Mata I.F., Jang Y., Kim C.H., Hanna D., Dorschner M.O., Witt J., Samii A., Chung K.A., Shprecher D.R., Espay A.J., Revilla F.J., Factor S.A., Klepitskaya O., Higgings D.S., Litvan I., Leverenz J.B., Roberts J.W., Agarwal P., Yearout D., Inca-Martinez M., Martinez E., Thompson T.R., Cholerton B.A., Hu S.C., Edwards K.L., Kim K.S., Zabetian C.P.

A missense mutation in the KCTD17 gene causes autosomal dominant myoclonus‐dystonia
Mencacci N.E., Rubio-Augusti I., Zdebik A., Asmus F., Ludtmann M., Hauser A.K., Plagnol V., Pittman A., Bandres-Ciga S., Soutar M., Peall K., Morris H., Trabzuni D., Ryten M., Tekman M., Stanescu H., Kleta R., Carecchio M., Nardocci N., Garavaglia B., Lohmann E., Weissbach A., Klein C., Hardy J., Abramov A.Y., Foltynie T., Gasser T., Bhatia K.P., Wood N.W.

A multicentre study of the patient's perspective: The first Parkinson's disease pain questionnaire (King's PD pain quest)
Rizos A.M., Martinez-Martin P., Pal S., Carroll C., Martino D., Falup-Pecurariu C., Kessel B., Sauerbier A., Martin A., Parry M., Inniss R., Perkins L., Trivedi D., Odin P., Antonini A., Ray K.

A neuroimaging rating scale with adjustable diagnostic validity to enhance the inter‐rater reliability of hummingbird sign
Kim Y.J., Kim Y.E., Kang S.Y., Ma H.

A new manual ROI improves diagnostic accuracy for cardiac sympathetic neuronal dysfunction in Parkinson's disease
Odagiri H., Baba T., Nishio Y., Iizuka O., Matsuda M., Inoue K., Iwasaki M., Taki Y., Mori E.

A new perspective in cervical dystonia: Neurocognitive impairment
Sucullu Y., Kurt P., Bilen S., Subutay N., Ak F.

A new SCA19/SCA22 family with the T377M variant in the KCND3 gene
Paucar M., Nordenskjöld M., Svenningsson P.

A novel THAP1 sequence variant does not co‐segregate with blepharospasm in a large African‐American pedigree
Xiao J., Thompson M.M., Vemula S.R., LeDoux M.S.

A novel levodopa dry powder inhaler for treatment of off periods in Parkinson's disease patients
Luinstra M., Grasmeijer F., Hagedoorn P., Frijlink H.W., de A.H.

A novel mutation for McLeod neuroacanthocytosis
Holiday V.N., Hiller A.

A novel PANK2 gene mutation in a patient with pantothenate kinase‐associated neurodegeneration
Hatcher-Martin J.M., Rosen A.R., Factor S.A.

A novel tau mutation, p.K317N, and globular glial tauopathy
Tacik P.M., DeTure M., Lin W.L., Sanchez M., Wojtas A., Hinkle K.M., Fujioka S., Baker M.C., Walton R., Carlomagno Y., Brown P., Strongosky A., Kouri N., Murray M.E., Petrucelli L., Josephs K.A., Rademakers R., Ross O., Wszolek Z., Dickson D.W.

A patient with bilateral cerebellar tremors secondary to a unilateral brainstem lesion
Tran A.T., Moguel-Cobos G., Salins N., Deep A., Lieberman A.

A pilot study in chromosomal alteration and association study of HTRA2 gene mutations in Parkinson's patients (PD)
Meyyazhagan A., Subramaniam M., Subramanian B., Krishnan P., Changrathil G., Keshavarao S., Vellingiri B.

A pilot study of a plant‐based diet intevention in Parkinson's disease
Shah S.P., Watson H.C., Kane H.M., Duda J.E.

A posturography analysis while dual task differentiates Parkinson's disease patients from healthy controls
De B., Alonso-Frech F., Grandas F.

A powered orthosis improves the magnitude and consistency of gait initiation in Parkinson's disease with freezing of gait
Petrucci M.N., MacKinnon C.D., Hsiao-Wecksler E.T.

A probabilistic atlas defining an optimal deep brain stimulation site in Parkinson's disease based on long‐term clinical outcome
Horn A., Serrano R., Schmitz-Hübsch T., Accolla E., Schneider G.H., Kühn A.A.

A randomized controlled pilot study to evaluate the effect of rotigotine on Parkinson's disease‐associated pain
Rascol O., Zesiewicz T., Chaudhuri K.R., Asgharnejad M., Surmann E., Dohin E., Nilius S., Bauer L.

A randomized controlled trial of telemedicine for Parkinson's disease (Connect.Parkinson) in the United States: Interim assessment of investigator and participant experiences
Achey M.A., Beck C.A., Beran D.B., Boyd C.M., Schmidt P.N., Willis A.W., Riggare S.S., Simone R.B., Biglan K.M., Dorsey E.R., Aldred J., Ayan J., Bull M.T., Carter J., Duderstadt K., Dunlop B., Galifianakis N.B., Hickey P., Hunter C.B., Jimenez-Shahed J., Keenan H.T., Korn R.E., Mari Z., Meijia N.I., Morgan J.C., Nance M.A., Parashos S.A., Richard I.H., Shih L.C., Spindler M.A., Wielinski C., Zadikoff C.

A retrospective analysis of 73 patients switched from onabotulinumtoxinA to incobotulinumtoxinA
Greeley D.R.

A review of initial consultations for deep brain stimulation: The NYU experience
Unia R.K., Mogilner A., Pourfar M.

A sensory geste‐like movement to stop tremor in Parkinson's disease – A clinical and electrophysiological case report
Brugger F., Balint B., Erro R., Gövert F., Antelmi E., Rothwell J.C., Bhatia K.P.

A simple approach to monitoring of Parkinson's disease state using a Smart phone platform
Dean J.M., Silverman M.

A simultaneous case of Parkinson's disease (PD) and essential tremor (ET)
Amirjanyan H., Harutyunyan K., Gabrielyan I., Manvelyan H.

A SPECT study of type 2 dopamine receptors in patients with adult onset primary torsion dystonia and their unaffected first degree relatives
Williams L., Kimmich O., Molloy A., Beiser I., McGovern E., Killeen R., Skehan S., Collins C., Butler J., Reilly R., O'Riordan S., Hutchinson M.

A stimulating idea: Treating mixed essential tremor and Parkinson's disease tremor with a novel DBS approach
Falconer R.A., Rogers S.L., Kalhorn C., Pagan F.

A study of motor and non‐motor gains following placement of a deep brain stimulator in a pediatric non‐ambulatory patient with dystonia
Remec N., Wing K., Bhardwaj R., Flecky S., Semanta J.

A study of the pharmacological chaperones targeting glucocerebrosidase mutations in human fibroblast models of Parkinson's disease
Beavan M., Yang S.Y., Chau K.Y., Shahar-Golan R., Hughes D., Mehta A., Schapira A.

A study on subjective and objective freezing phenomena in Parkinson's disease
Tagashira S., Wada K., Tanaka K., Tajiri Y., Nakashima K.

A supervised, group‐based exercise program to improve gait and balance in adults with early to mid‐stage Parkinson's disease: A feasibility study
Krasteva D., Mahoney P., Arango M., Robinson C., Sarte A.

A systematic review of self‐management of Parkinson's disease, as a chronic disease
Wherry S.A., Das C., Dugdale P., Lueck C.

A unique combination of spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 and 3 mutations in a patient
Shakya S., Suroliya V., Faruq M., Srivastava A.K., Singh I., Garg A., Mukerji M., Shukla G., Goyal V., Behari M.

A.P.A.: How aging, Parkinson's disease and anticipatory postural adjustments correlate
Plate A., Klein K., Singh A., Pelykh O., Klein A., Illmberger J., Boetzel K.

AAV1/2 overexpression of A53T α‐synuclein in the substantia nigra results in behavioural deficits and degeneration of the nigrostriatal system: A new mouse model of Parkinson's disease
Ip C.W., Klaus L.C., Maltese V., Volkmann J., Brotchie J.M., Koprich J.B.

Aberrant cerebral network topology and mild cognitive impairment in early Parkinson's disease
Pereira J.B., Aarsland D., Ginestet C., Lebedev A., Wahlund L.O., Simmons A., Volpe G., Westman E.

Abnormal cerebellar plasticity in primary cervical dystonia: A preliminary report
Porcacchia P., Palomar F.J., Martin-Rodriguez J.F., Huertas-Fernandez I., Ruiz-Rodriguez M.A., Gomez-Crespo M., Carrillo F., Caceres-Redondo M.T., Koch G., Mir P.

Abnormal electrophysiological motor responses in Huntington's disease: Evidence of premanifest compensation
Turner L.M., Croft R., Churchyard A., Looi J.C.L., Apthorp D., Georgiou-Karistianis N.

Abnormal insulin/IGF‐1 signaling together with insulin resistance in the putamen of MSA patients
Bassil F., Fernagut P.O., Canron M.H., Vital A., Bezard E., Meissner W.G.

Accuracy of clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's disease: A systematic review and Bayesian meta‐analysis
Rizzo G., Martino D., Arcuti S., Copetti M., Fontana A., Logroscino G.

Accuracy of death certification in the Denbighshire cohort at 16 years
Hobson P.J., Meara J.R.

Acoustic analysis of voice and speech of advanced Parkinson's disease patients compared to early Parkinson's disease patients and first degree relatives
Manor Y., Shpunt D., Ben I., Tsvion A., Horev N., Ezra A., Megirov A., HILEL A., Gurevich T.

Acute and reversible Parkinsonism with phorate
Kumar A.

Acute onset hemichorea‐hemiballism after treatment with recanalization of middle cerebral artery
Kim H., Jin J.H., Roh H.G., Kim H.Y.

Acute onset of shuffling gait from hypertensive hemorrhage
Chen J.Y.C., Keshet I., Weinberger J.

Acute restless legs syndrome and kleptomania after liposuction surgery
Fabiani G., Teive H.A.G.

ADCY5 mutations can cause benign hereditary chorea
Erro R., Mencacci N.E., Hersheson J., Wiethoff S., Balint B., Ganos C., Stamelou M., Quinn N.P., Houlden H., Wood N.W., Bhatia K.P.

Adenosine A2A receptor antagonist istradefylline can be more beneficial in Parkinson's disease patients of advanced stage without troublesome dyskinesia
Saiki H., Matsumoto S.

Admixing of two mice strains with differential susceptibility to 1‐methyl‐4‐phenyl‐1,2,3,6‐tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) positively modulates the nigral dopaminergic phenotype
Alladi P.A., Vidyadhara D.J., Yarriephang H., Raju T.R.

ADS‐5102 increased ON time without troublesome dyskinesia throughout waking hours in the EASED study
Stempien M.J., Pahwa R., Tanner C.M., Sethi K., Ruby A.E., Nguyen J.T., McClure N.L., Hauser R.A.

Adult onset phenylketonuria with rapidly progressive dementia and Parkinsonism
Tufekcioglu Z., Cakar A., Bilgic B., Hanagasi H.A., Gurvit H.I., Emre M.

Adult‐onset axial dystonia responds to globus pallidus deep brain stimulation
Shaikh A.G., Mewes K., Jinnah H.A., DeLong M.R., Gross R.E., Triche S., Freeman A., Factor S.A.

Adult‐onset cerebellar ataxia as a presentation of Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Pyun J.M., Park H.Y., Moon K.C., Jeon B.S.

Advance care planning: Perspectives of people living with Parkinson's disease (PD)
Sritharan M.P.

Advanced target identification in STN‐DBS with beta power of combined local field potentials and spiking activity
Verhagen R., Zwartjes D.G.M., Heida T., Wiegers E.C., Contarino M.F., de R.M.A., van P., Schuurman P.R., Veltink P.H., Bour L.J.

Adverse effects of amantadine in patients of Parkinson's disease‐ A cross sectional study
Bahrani K., Goyal V., Shukla G., Vanathi M., Behari M.

Aerobic exercise increases the chemokine RANTES/CCL5 in Parkinson's disease
Uc E.Y., Neal M., Anantharam V., Murry D.J., Doerschug K.C., Thomsen T.R., Kline J.N., Dawson J.D., Darling W.G., Kanthasamy A., Narayanan N.S.

Age‐dependent distribution change of amyloid‐beta protein in macaque brains
Kimura K., Inoue K., Tanaka F., Takada M.

ALDH2 genetic variation is associated with the risk for Parkinson's disease
Zhang X., Ye Y.L., Wang Y.N., Liu F.F., Zhuang X.S., Liu X.X., Hu B.L., Zhu J.H.

Alpha‐synuclein immunohistochemistry studies in gastrointestinal tissue from preclinical Parkinson's disease patients
Stokholm M.G., Danielsen E.H., Hamilton-Dutoit S.J., Borghammer P.

Altered response to reward in non‐manifesting carriers of the G2019S LRRK2 mutation
Thaler A., Mirelman A., Helmich R.C., Van B.F.L., Gurevich T., Orr-Urtreger A., Marder K., Bressman S., Bloem B.R., Hendler T., Giladi N.

Alternations of human brain connectome in Parkinson's disease using network based statistics (NBS)
Kamalian A., Aarabi M.H.

Alternative for reducing chorea in Huntington's disease (ARC‐HD): Results from the Switch cohort
Frank S.

Alternative physical therapies for Movement Disorders in Parkinson's disease: A systematic review
da P.A., McClelland J., Morris M.

Amantadine vs rimantadine in Parkinsonian disorders: A retrospective comparative tolerability study
Saminejad B., Gannon K., Zorn M., Shprecher D.R.

American multiple system atrophy natural history study
Low P.A., Reich S.G., Jankovic J., Shults C.W., Stern M.B., Novak P., Tanner C.M., Gilman S., Marshall F.J., Wooten F., Racette B., Chelimsky T., Singer W., May S., Sletten D.M., Sandroni P., Mandrekar J.

Amyloid‐β imaging in Parkinson's disease: Comparison of analytic techniques
Weintraub D., Dubroff J., Nasrallah I., Goldmann R., Rick J., Akhtar R.S., Hurtig H., Chen-Plotkin A., Chahine L.M., Dahodwala N., Duda J.E., Morley J.F., Trojanowski J.Q.

An 8‐year follow‐up on the effect of subthalamic deep brain stimulation on pain in Parkinson's disease
Jung Y.J., Kim H.J., Jeon B.S., Park H., Lee W.W., Paek S.H.

An evaluation of istradefylline treatment on motor and cognitive disabilities in 1‐methyl‐4‐phenyl‐1,2,3,6‐tetrahydropyridine (MPTP)‐treated macaque models of Parkinson's disease
Ko W.K.D., Li Q., Jianzhong Y., Pioli E., Bezard E.

An evaluation of non‐motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease patients using 2 rating scales
Sánchez-Jordán A., Padilla-Carmona D., Rodríguez-Ortiz U., Boll M.C.

An experience of changing from onabotulinumtoxin‐a to abobotulinumtoxin‐a in 64 patients with focal hyperkinesias
Kuzu M., Gul S.I., Tezcan S., Akbostanci C.M.

An interesting case of post‐infectious myoclonus secondary to infection with cytomegalovirus
Padidam S., Kremens D.E.

An observational study of pattern of admission in Parkinson's disease
Paul B.S., Paul G., Singh G., Kaushal S., Verma U.

Analysis of daily dose of dopaminergic replacement therapy in patients with Parkinson's disease: Experience of a medical center in Taiwan
Chang Y.Y., Lin T.K., Chen Y.F., Su C.S., Lan M.Y., Chen Y.F.

Analysis of gait parameter in spino‐cerebellar ataxia patients using electronic walkway: With and without cognitive load
Mondal B., Choudhury S., Chatterjee P., Kulsum M.U., Anand S.S., Kumar H.

Analysis of heart rate variability in functional Movement Disorder patients
Liu V.T., Maurer C.W., LaFaver K., Toledo R., Hallett M.

Analysis of the incidence of supine hypertension with droxidopa
Isaacson S., White W.B., Rowse G.J., Hewitt L.A.

Anatomical basis for the application of onabotulinumtoxinA(BoNT‐A) in dystonias
Bendersky M., Garretto N.S., Humberto J.V., Arakaki T., Sergio R.Q.

Anatomical differences in white matter integrity between idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus and secondary obstructive hydrocephalus: Diffusion tensor study
Nishida N., Toda H., Okumura R., Hashikata H., Ikeda N., Kang Y., Ishikawa M., Iwasaki K.

Antecollis associated with Parkinson's disease improved following apomorphine therapy
Chang F.C.F., Mahant N., Fung V.S.C., Tsui D.S.Y., Aldaajani Z., Adam R., Hely M.A.

Anthropometric profile of patients with spinocerebellar ataxia
Teive H.G., Leite C.A., Schieferdecker M.E., Vilela R.M., Macedo D.S.

Antibody spectrum in stiff person syndrome and related disorders
Balint B., Blöcker I.M., Unger M., Stöcker W., Probst C., Komorowski L., Meinck H.M.

Anticholinergics are still effective in early stage of male PD patients
Tsuboi Y., Fujioka S., Mishima T., Onozawa R., Fukae J., Yamaguchi Y.

Anti‐GAD65 negative stiff‐person syndrome with a favorable response to pregabalin: A case post‐thymoma excision accompanying central sleep apnea
Zhang G., Liu L., Xiong N., Huang J., Wang T.

Anti‐glial nuclear antibody (AGNA) associated encephalitis without underlying malignancy presenting with opsoclonus and ataxia
Avedian L., Rashid S., George E., Oguh O., Gaitour E., Shneyder N.

AntiParkinson's drug use in response to practice parameter publication, drug availability, and ‘unofficial’ prescribing forces
Crispo J.A.G., Fortin Y., Emons M., Bjerre L.M., Kohen D.E., Perez S., Mattison D.R., Willis A.W., Krewski D.

Antipsychotic use in Parkinson's disease is associated with increased mortality
Weintraub D., Chiang C., Kim H.M., Wilkinson J., Marras C., Stanislawski B., Mamikonyan E., Kales H.C.

Anxiety and depressive symptoms are independent predictors of physical health related quality of life in a Brazilian sample of Parkinson's disease patients evaluated for deep brain stimulation
Freitas F.C., Diaz A.P., Thais M.E.R.O., Areas F.Z.S., Vieira P.E.L., Guarnieri R., Prediger R.D.S., Linhares M.N., Walz R.

Apathy in Movement Disorders: A cross‐sectional study
Sousa M., Ribeiro J., Marques I., Cunha F., Canário N., Moreira F., Freire A., Januário C.

Apathy in Parkinson's disease (PD) as a disconnection syndrome – A resting state fMRI study
Appel-Cresswell S., Liu A., Lin S.J., Baradaran N., Kang T., Wang J.Z., McKeown M.J.

Apomorphine improves early morning motor function: Analysis of secondary endpoints in the AM‐IMPAKT trial
Pagan F., Isaacson S., Ondo W., Lew M.

Are emotional factors associated with cognitive outcome following DBS?
Ghilain C., Anderson S.A., Sun-Suslow N., Bermudez C., Forte M., Babakhanyan I., Gallo B., Luca C., Jagid J., Singer C., Levin B.E.

Aripiprazole‐induced Movement Disorders – A case‐series
Chouinard S., Huot P.

Arterial spin labelling (ASL) reveals an abnormal cerebral perfusion pattern in Parkinson's disease
Abe K., Hayashi T., Yamamoto M., Akiyama N., Fujita M.

Aspiration pneumonia in a hospitalized Parkinson's disease cohort
Almeida L., Martinez-Ramirez D., Hageland K.W., Giuni J.C., Little C., Chapman J.P., Ahmed B., Monari E., Troche M., Okun M.S.

Assessing fine motor function in Parkinson's disease using a web‐based, computerized tool
Juncos J.L., Adler N.D., Agichtein E.

Assessing postural stability in early stages of Parkinson's disease
Hambardzumyan H.D., Manvelyan H.M.

Assessing psychiatric symptoms in individuals with, and at risk for, Huntington's disease
Corey-Bloom J., Howell S.J., Herndon A.

Assessing the burden of osteoporosis in a population of patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease
Sritharan M.P., Jackson S.J.

Assessment of current treatment approaches for patients with Parkinson's disease psychosis (PDP)
Fredericks D., Norton J., Suresh R., Mills R.

Assessment of dose failure and delayed‐ON with the time‐to‐ON questionaire (TOQ) and Parkinson's KinetiGraph in PD patients with motor fluctuations
Brillman S., Isaacson S.H.

Assessment of outcomes in Parkinson's disease subjects randomized to SPECT imaging of the dopamine transporter
Hickey P.T., Kuchibhatla M., Scott B.L., Gauger L., Stacy M.A.

Assessment of Parkinsonian motor symptoms using a continuously worn smartwatch: Preliminary experience
Gazit E., Bernad-Elazari H., Moore S.T., Cho C., Kubota K., Vincent L., Cohen S., Reitblat L., Fixler N., Mirelman A., Giladi N., Hausdorff J.M.

Association analysis of the GRN rs5848 and MAPT rs242557 polymorphisms in Chinese patients with PD, ALS and MSA
Shang H., Chen Y., Cao B., Chen X., Zhao B., Wei Q., Ou R., Guo X.

Association between dementia and probable REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) using the Japanese version of the RBD screening questionnaire in patients with Parkinson's disease
Nomura T., Tajiri Y., Wada K., Inoue Y., Nakashima K.

Association between locus coeruleus pathology and gait dysfunction in Parkinson's disease: A clinical‐pathological preliminary analysis
Mills K.A., Mari Z., Bakker C., Pontone G.M., Troncoso J.C., Rosenthal L.S.

Association between PARK16 variants and Parkinson's disease in central China: A case‐control study
Jiang H., Huang J., Xiong N., Liu L., Zhang G., Han C., Yang J., Xu X., Li J., Shen Y., Wang T.

Association of GBA mutations with tau pathology in dementia with Lewy bodies
Marder K.S., Clark L.N., Alcalay R.N., Vonsattel J.P., Honig L.S.

Association of MAPT single nucleotide polymorphism with corticobasal syndrome
Huang C.L., Lai S.C., Lin Y.W., Wu-Chou Y.H., Lu C.S., Yeh T.H.

Association of serum uric acid level with cognitive function among patients with multiple system atrophy
Cao B., Wei Q., Ou R., Yang J., Zhao B., Shang H.

Association study of GWAS top hits in late‐onset Alzheimer's disease with the susceptibility to Parkinson's disease in a Chinese population
Guo J.F., Wang Y., Yan X.X., Tang B.

Assosciation of side of onset of motor symptoms to prevalence of various domains of non‐motor symptoms (NMS) in Parkinson's disease (PD)
Boddepalli R.S., Khan T.S.

Ataxia: Classification and epidemiology
Boddepalli R.S., Kurako K., Galvez-Jimenez N.

Athlete's dystonia
Cutsforth-Gregory J.K., Bower J.H.

Attentional modulation of activity in the nucleus basalis of Meynert in patients undergoing deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease dementia and Lewy body dementia
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