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A 12 years clinical follow-up of two PINK1 families: Motor, cognitive and psychiatric features
Ricciardi L., Guidubaldi A., Petrucci S., Serra L., Ialongo T., Spanò B., Bozzali M., Valenti E.M., Bentivoglio A.R.

A 6.4MB duplication of the α-synuclein locus causing fronto-temporal dementia and Parkinsonism - phenotype-genotype correlations
Kara E., Kiely A., Proukakis C., Giffin N., Love S., Hehir J., Rantell K., Pandraud A., Hernandez D.G., Nacheva E., Pittman A.M., Nalls M.A., Singleton A.B., Revesz T., Bhatia K.P., Quinn N., Hardy J., Holton J.L., Houlden H.

A analysis study of olfactory function in patients with de novo idiopathic Parkinson's disease patients
Lee D.H., Sohn Y.H., Lee P.H.

A blinded video review of movement disorders in autoimmune neurological disorders
Mohammad S.S., Ramanathan S., Brilot F., Fung V., Grattan-Smith P., Dale R.C.

A case clinic of fragile X–associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS) in Western Mexico
Jimenez Gil F.J., Lopez Moreno V.A., Martinez C.A.

A case of copper deficiency myelopathy with features of Parkinsonism and brain iron accumulation
Frei K.P., Fuentes J., Dashtipour K., Tong K., Hunter M., Hamann C., Tsao B.

A case of dopa responsive dystonia with an inverted diurnal variation
Chillag K.L., Zelski B.K., Chillag E.M.

A case of drug-induced dystonia
Amirjanyan H., Harutyunyan K., Voskanyan A., Ulunts A., Khachaturyan S., Avetisyan A., Avagyan G., Gabrielyan I., Karapetyan A., Manvelyan H.

A case of Klinefelter syndrome associated with Parkinsonism
Lago L.R., Moore H., Singer C.

A case of non motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease
Harutyunyan K., Gabrielyan I., Amirjanyan H., Avagyan G., Khachaturyan S., Voskanyan A., Sahakyan A., Avetisyan A., Manvelyan H.

A case of Potocki-Lupski syndrome with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
Chillag K.L., Chillag E.M.

A case with making comparison of levodopa pharmacokinetics before and after intestinal resection
Nagayama H., Mishina M.

A clinical audit of DaTscan use in Cork University Hospital
O Corragain O., Crotty G.F., O'Sullivan S.S.

A comparative study of children and adult patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
Janik P., Milanowski L., Szejko N., Figura M.

A comparative study of non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's plus syndrome
Verma R., Anand K.S., Bajaj B.K., Verma V.K.

A comparison of clinical tests of fine and gross motor function in patients with pyramidal and extrapyramidal disease
Aldaajani Z.F., Chang F.C.F., Kim S.D., Kemp S., Fung V.S.C.

A compassionate new service for severely frail older people with Parkinson's disease. A pilot study of nurse led clinics in nursing homes
Morgan L., Williams T., Thomas C., Mohamed B.

A conditioned response as a biomarker of impulsive-compulsive behaviours in Parkinson's disease
Evans A.H., Kettlewell J., Osborn S., Kotschet K., Griffiths R.I., Horne M.

A connection-free translational analysis platform for neuromotor disease research and therapeutic validation: Application to Parkinson's disease
Vollenweider I., Borton D., Laurens J., Lang Y., Li Q., Bloch J., Bezard E., Courtine G.

A cost-effectiveness-analysis of apomorphine infusion in the treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease in the UK, Germany and Mexico
Walter E.

A diagnostic algorithm for paroxyasmal kinesigenic dyskinesia
Menezes K., Sachar J., Rothner D.A.

A diary to assess non-motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease
Ossig C., Gandor F., Maaß A., Sippel D., Fauser M., Jost W.H., Reichmann H., Ebersbach G., Storch A.

A DREADD approach for acute stimulation of cholinergic neurons of the pedunculopontine nucleus reverses Parkinsonism in the lactacystin model of Parkinson's disease
Pienaar I.S., Sharma P., Elson J.L., de Paula V., Dexter D.T.

A drug-drug interaction study of pridopidine, a new drug for treatment of Huntington's disease, and metoprolol, a cytochrome P450 2D6 substrate
Rabinovich-Guilatt L., Wickenberg A., Bassan M., Spiegelstein O.

A genetically-induced model of Parkinson's disease in primates by over-expression of LRRK2-G2019S
DiCaudo C., Mundiñano I.C., Collantes M., Marcilla I., Kremer E.J., Luquin M.R.

A genotypic and phenotypic description of Irish patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease
McCarthy A., John M., Brian M., Owen R., Tim L.

A German guideline for the treatment and diagnosis of patients with idopathic Parkinson's disease
Dams J., Deuschl G., Oertel W.H., Reichmann H., Dodel R.

A kinematic analysis of gait in lower extremity dystonia: A single subject study design
Callahan J., Kneiss J., Kirwan H., Hancock C.L., Scarborough D.M., Sharma N.

A large skull basal angle is a predictor of non-favorable outcome of spontaneous intracranial hypotension
Kim D.-E., Choi Y.-J., Nam T.-S., Kim J.-T., Choi S.-M., Lee S.-H., Kim B.-C., Kim M.-K., Cho K.-H.

A literature review of disease education for people with Parkinson's disease
Wherry S.-A., Dugdale P., Lueck C., Das C., Ironside J.

A multidisciplinary approach of exercise and cognitive training for Huntington's disease: A case study
Ulanowski E.A., Blandford A.M., Danzl M.M.

A neurological syndrome in a patient with anti glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) antibodies
Rachana G., Tarannum K.

A novel familial mutation in the CACNA1A gene associated with an episodic ataxia type 2 phenotype
Tate J.A., Siddiqui M.S., Haq I.U.

A novel mutation resulting in a mild phenotype of spinocerebellar ataxia 13
Herrema H., Sidiropoulos C., LeWitt P.

A novel Parkinson's disease pain questionnaire (King's PD pain quest): The patient's perspective
Rizos A.M., Martinez-Martin P., Pal S., Carroll C., Martino D., Kessel B., Gallagher L., Todorova A., Sauerbier A., Martin A., Parry M., Bassi S., Ekins E., Inniss R., Odin P., Antonini A., Falup-Pecurariu C., Ray Chaudhuri K., Behalf of EUROPAR and the IPMDS Non Motor PD Study Group On

A novel pathogenic ATP7B mutation in a Thai patient with very mild form of Wilson's disease
Sringean J., Amornvit J., Limwongse C., Bhidayasiri R.

A novel PET tracer [11C]donepezil demonstrates decreased parasympathetic innervation in Parkinson's disease (PD)
Borghammer P., Gjerløff T., Jakobsen S., Nahimi A., Knudsen K., Fedorova T., Danielsen E.H., Østergaard K., Pavese N., Brooks D.J.

A pain in the neck
McKinley J., Lynch T.

A patient-reported outcome measure in Parkinson's disease
Mischley L.K.

A phase I study to investigate safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of MRZ-9547 in healthy subjects
Mendes P., Dersch H., Katgely B.

A pilot 6 months efficacy and safety study utilising the iron chelator deferiprone in early stage Parkinson's disease
Dexter D.T., Martin-Bastida A., Kabba C., Piccini P., Sharp D., Ward R., Newbold R.

A pilot clinical trial of bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation in early stage Parkinson's disease
Hacker M.L., Konrad P.E., Davis T.L., Neimat J.S., Molinari A.L., Tramontana M.G., Gill C.E., Kao C.C., Phibbs F.T., Hedera P., Wang L., Song Y., Charles D.

A pilot investigation of systemic iron trafficking, oxidative stress and inflammation in a case of PLA2G6 associated (PARK14) neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) undergoing deferiprone treatment
Minkley M., Praschberger M., Jackson A., Smith D., Borchers C., Macleod P., Walter P.

A pilot study evaluating the histamine H2 antagonist, famotidine, for levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease
Mestre T.A., Shah B., Connolly B., de Aquino C., Al Dhakeel A., Walsh R., Prashanth L.K., Ghate T., Lui J., Fox S.H.

A pre-operative education package for patients with Parkinson's disease undergoing deep brain stimulation – A single center exploratory study
Lau C.K.Y., Tang V.Y.H., Chan D.T.M., Zhu C.X.L., Chan A.Y.Y., Mok V.C.T., Wong L.K.S., Yeung J.H.M., Poon W.S.

A probable case of cortical basal syndrome with normal DAT-scan
Magistrelli L., Carecchio M., Comi C., Cantello R.

A profile of 191 patients with essential tremor: Comparison of those with and without head tremor
Lenka A., Bhalsing K.S., Jhunjhunwala K.R., Chandran V., Pal P.K.

A prospective audit of medication management in patients with Parkinson's disease and related disorders admitted to a district general hospital
Toescu S.M., Ejaz A., Nageshwaran S., Proukakis C.

A prospective study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease
Oh E., Park S., Lim J.G., Bok S.-K., Lee A.Y.

A prospective study: Clinical significance of anticholinergic nasal sprays in patients with Parkinson's disease afflicted by rhinorrhea
Gandhi R., Dennys R., Tarannum K.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on reduced form of coenzyme Q10 in Parkinson's disease
Yoritaka A., Kawwajiri S., Ando M., Yamamoto Y., Nakahara T., Saito Y., Hattori N.

A rare progressive neurodegenerative syndrome in a patient with X-linked agammaglobulinemia on chronic IV immunoglobulin therapy
Barcelon E.A., Domingo A.R., Lukban M.B.

A reflection on plasticity research in writing dystonia
Sadnicka A., Hamada M., Bhatia K.P., Rothwell J.C., Edwards M.J.

A review of the end of life care for patients with Parkinson's disease / Parkinsonism and their families in Ireland
Magennis B., Cashell A., Lynch T.

A service development study of the assessment and management of fracture risk in Parkinson's disease
Shribman S.E., Torsney K., Noyce A.J., Giovannoni G., Fearnley J., Dobson R.

A shift from prospective to reactive modulation of beta-band oscillations in Parkinson's disease
te Woerd E.S., Oostenveld R., de Lange F.P., Praamstra P.

A single bout of cycling exercise improves mood and motor function in Parkinson's disease
Hönig M.C., Sacheli M.A., Murray D., Campbell K., McKenzie J., McKeown M.J., Appel-Cresswell S.

A study of effect of zonisamide in QOL of PD patients
Saiki H., Matsumoto S.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of fracture risk in Parkinson's disease
Torsney K.M., Noyce A.J., Doherty K.M., Bestwick J.P., Dobson R., Lees A.J.

Abberant dopamine in the salience network and parahippocampal gyrus contributes to memory impairment in Parkinson's disease
Christopher L., Marras C., Duff-Canning S., Koshimori Y., Lang A., Houle S., Strafella A.

Abnormal dopaminergic modulation of striato-cortical networks in Parkinson's patients with levodopa-induced dyskinesias
Herz D.M., Haagensen B.N., Christensen M.S., Madsen K.H., Rowe J.B., Løkkegaard A., Siebner H.R.

Abnormal synaptic depotentiation in treated PD precedes the onset of levodopa induced dyskinesia
Cheeran B., Lago-Rodriguez A., Koch G., Jenkinson N., Hu M.

AbobotulinumtoxinA in the management of cervical dystonia (CD) in the United Kingdom (UK): A budget impact analysis (BIA)
Dinet J., Desai K., Brand S., Abogunrin S., Gabriel S., Harrower T.

Absorption mechanism of entacapone in the alimentary tract
Nagai M., Kyaw W.T., Kubo M., Nomoto M.

Acceleration measurements to quantify changes in rigidity during deep brain stimulation surgery
Shah A.A., Coste J., Lemaire J.-J., Ulla M., Schkommodau E., Hemm-Ode S.

Accessing deep brain stimulation abroad for Parkinson's disease, a 10 year review
Cunningham B., Crotty G., Sweeney B., O'Sullivan S.

Accordion pill carbidopa/levodopa (AP-CD/LD) for treatment of advanced PD
LeWitt P.A., Giladi N., Gurevich T., Shabtai H., Djaldetti R., Roizen N., Hassin-Baer S., Cohen O., Yahalom G., Schlessinger I., Nassar M., Milo R., Anca M., Farkas P., Lamp Y., Navon N., Flaishon L.

Acoustic and kinematic quantification of focal embouchure dystonia in brass musicians
Morris A.E., Mink J.W.

Acquired cerebellar syndrome
Tokcaer A.B., Gurses A.A.

Acquired Parkinsonism in childhood
Ben Rhouma H., Ben Mahmoud A., Rebai I., Kraoua I., Klaa H., Rouissi A., Gouider-Khouja N., Ben Youssef-Turki I.

Action awareness and motor control in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
Ganos C., Harder-Fintelmann L., Bongert J., Brandt V., Münchau A., Haggard P.

Activation likelihood estimation meta-analyses of abnormal neural activation in dystonia
Løkkegaard A., Herz D.M., Haagensen B.N., Lorentzen A.K., Eickhoff S.B., Siebner H.R.

Activity of the non-dominant motor area during movement planning: Deficits in Parkinson's disease
Meziane H.B., Moisello C., Blanco D., Lin J., Di Rocco A., Ghilardi M.F.

Activity parameters of subthalamic nucleus neurons selectively predict motor symptom severity in Parkinson's disease
Sharott A., Gulberti A., Zittel S., Tudor Jones A., Fickel U., Münchau A., Köppen J.A., Gerloff C., Westphal M., Buhmann C., Hamel W., Engel A.K., Moll C.K.E.

Acute and selective activation of excitatory neurons in the medial medulla in mice induces a phenotype that resembles cervical dystonia
VanderHorst V., Ellison B., Worley A., Samardzic T., Saper C.B.

Acute methanol intoxication: A rare cause of axial Parkinsonism
Doe de Maindreville A., Chaunu M.P., Orquevaux P., Regrain E., Tranchant C., Bakchine S.

Acute movement disorders in psychiatric emergency
Nasri A.A., Ben Ghzaeil I., Moula O., Robbana L., Bouasker A., Ghachem R.

Acute movement disorders in Tunisian children
Benrhouma H.H., Nasri A., Amri H., Kraoua I., Klaa H., Turki I.

Acute, recurrent, persistent hypoglycemia-induced chorea in a diabetic patient on hemodialysis
Vittal P., Comella C.L., Shannon K.M.

AD and PD GWAS top hits and risk of Parkinson's disease in Korean population
Chung S.J., Chung Y., Hong M., Kim M., You S., Kim Y.J., Kim J., Kim K., Song K.

Adapted physical activity on motor and non-motor symptoms, and quality of life in Parkinson's disease patients
Solla P., Cugusi L., Cannas A., Melis C.S., Meleddu L., Corona A., Boi A., Girau M., Loi M., Zedda F., Mercuro G., Marrosu F.

Age-dependent alterations in the distribution of neurons expressing alpha-synuclein in macaque brains
Kimura K., Inoue K.-I., Tanaka F., Takada M.

Age-related alterations in astroglial proteins in the substantia nigra pars compacta of Asian Indians
Alladi P.A., Jyothi H.J., Vidyadhara D.H.J., Parmar S.K., Mahadevan A., Shankar S.K., Raju T.R.

Age-related analysis of striatonigral degeneration and olivopontocerebellar atrophy in the PLP-α-synuclein transgenic mouse model of MSA
Stefanova N., Kuen J., Borm C., Poewe W., Wenning G.K.

Alcohol effect and stimulation-effects of vim-DBS on motor symptoms in severe essential tremor
Paschen S., Hellriegel H., Forstenpointner J., Hofschulte F., Falk D., Raethjen J., Deuschl G.

Alcohol responsiveness of essential tremor assessed with an objective test
Hopfner F., Erhart T., Knudsen K., Schneider S.A., Lorenz D., Deuschl G., Kuhlenbäumer G.

All in the blink of any eye: Insights into the pathophysiology of DYT1 and DYT6 dystonia
Sadnicka A., Teo J.T., Kojovic M., Pareés I., Saifee T., Kassavetis P., Schwingenschuh P., Katschnig P., Rothwell J.C., Edwards M.J., Bhatia K.P.

Allelic distribution of the normal ATXN3 gene in a Peruvian mestizo population
Cornejo-Olivas M.R., Espinoza-Huertas K.A., Lindo-Samanamud S., Inca-Martinez M.A., Veliz-Otani D.M., Ortega-Davila O., Marca-Ysabel V., Tirado-Hurtado I.E., Velit-Salazar M.R., Mazzetti P.

Alpha synuclein deposition in colonic biopsy tissue fails to distinguish Parkinson's disease from healthy individuals
Visanji N.P., Marras C., Kern D.S., Liu L.W.C., Lang A.E., Hazrati L.-N.

Alpha-synuclein accumulation causes posttranscriptional decline of PSD-95 in dopaminergic neurons
Koeglsperger T., Hoellerhage M., Boetzel K., Hoeglinger G.

Alpha-synuclein oligomers in human red blood cells: A potential biomarker for Parkinson's disease
Feng T., Li F.F., Liu P., Gao Y.L., Chen B., Li X.

Alteration in glutathione content and associated enzyme activities in the synaptic terminals but not in the non-synaptic mitochondria from the frontal cortex of Parkinson's disease brains
Gangadharappa H., Mahadevan A., Srinivas Bharath M.M., Shankar K.S.

Altered auditory startle reflex pattern in functional jerky movement disorders: A new diagnostic tool?
Dreissen Y.E.M., Boeree T., Koelman J.H.T.M., Tijssen M.A.J.

Altered nigro-striatal dopaminergic innervation in chronic liver failure: A possible cause of Parkinsonism in hepatic encephalopathy
El Hiba O., Gamrani H.

Altered NMDA receptor functions and subunit composition in the dopamine-depleted striatum
Zhang X., Feng Z., Chergui K.

Altered oxidative stress levels in Indian Parkinson's disease patients with PARK2 mutations
Anand A., Vinish M., Prabhakar S.

Altered sensorimotor plasticity and intracortical neurophysiological profile in Tourette syndrome
Palomar F.J., Ruiz-Rodríguez M.A., Cáceres-Redondo M.T., Vargas L., Porcacchia P., Gómez-Crespo M., Madruga M., Mir P.

Altered structure of cortical sulci in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
Muellner J., Delmaire C., Valabrégue R., Schuepbach M., Vidailhet M., Hartmann A., Worbe Y.

Altered synaptic plasticity in Tourette syndrome and its relationship to motor skill leaning
Brandt V., Niessen E., Ganos C., Bäumer T., Münchau A.

Alternate methods of correction of tardive neuroleptic dyskinesia
Zakharov D.V., Mikhaylov V.A., Khublarova L.A.

Alternative criteria for mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease: Relevance to dementia onset
Wood K.L., Livingston L., Myall D.J., Melzer T.R., Pitcher T.L., MacAskill M.R., Anderson T.J., Dalrymple-Alford J.C.

AMP kinase inhibits burst firing in subthalamic nucleus neurons by activating K-ATP channels
Johnson S.W., Shen K.-Z.

Amplitude oriented exercise in Parkinson's disease: LSVT BIG versus a short training protocol
Ebersbach G., Grust U., Ebersbach A., Florin G., Andrea K.

An analysis of interactions with a local Parkinson's disease service telephone support service
Mahon S., Morgan E., Williams T., Thomas C., Mohamed B.

An automatically generated STN model based on intraoperative microelectrode recordings assists in postoperative management of DBS settings and clinical research
Verhagen R., Lourens M.A.J., Schuurman P.R., van den Munckhof P., Contarino M.F., de Bie R.M.A., Bour L.J.

An autopsy case of predominant generalized dystonia in a patient with cerebellar atrophy
Miyamoto R., Takeuchi T., Sumikura H., Fujita K., Mure H., Morigaki R., Goto S., Murayama S., Izumi Y., Kaji R.

An evaluation of the role of environmental factors in the disease penetrance of cervical dystonia
Molloy A., Kimmich O., Williams L., Butler J., Byrne N., Moore H., Healy D., Lynch T., Edwards M., Walsh C., Reilly R., O'Riordan S., Hutchinson M.

An exome study of Parkinson's disease in Sardinia, a Mediterranean genetic isolate
Quadri M., Yang X., Cossu G., Olgiati S., Saddi V., Breedveld G.J., Ouyang L., Hu J., Xu N., Graafland J., Ricchi V., Murgia D., Correia Guedes L., Mariani C., Martí M.J., Tarantino P., Asselta R., Valldeoriola F., Gagliardi M., Pezzoli G., Ezquerra M., Quattrone A., Ferreira J., Annesi G., Goldwurm S., Tolosa E., Oostra B.A., Melis M., Wang J., Bonifati V.

An investigation into the accuracy of MRI/CT fusion for localisation of DBS electrodes
Geevarghese R., Lumsden D.E., O'Gorman R., Ashkan K.

An open label study of solifenacin succinate (VESIcare®) for the treatment of overactive bladder in Parkinson's disease
Jahan I., Vaughan C., Evatt M., Sullivan K.L., Singer C., Ordorica R., Zesiewicz T.A., PSG Non-Motor Working Group The

An updated flow chart for the evaluation of chorea
Walker R.H.

Analysis of CIZ1 and GNAL genes mutation in Taiwanese patients with primary torsion dystonia
Huang C.-L., Lai S.-C., Chang H.-C., Yeh T.-H., Lu C.-S.

Analysis of gait disorders in Parkinson's disease patients using the three-dimensional motion analysis system
Szlufik S., Stolarczyk A., Kaminska M., Materek M., Dutkiewicz J., Friedman A., Koziorowski D.

Analysis of heart rate variability and cortisol diurnal profiles in psychogenic movement disorder patients
Maurer C.W., LaFaver K., Toledo R., Hallett M.

Analysis of mitochondrial membrane potential in idiopathic Parkinson's disease: A case-control study
Antony P.M.A., Boyd O., Trefois C., Ostaszewski M., Baumuratov A.S., Balling R., Diederich N.J.

Analysis of the GBA gene in the Latin American research consortium on the genetics of Parkinson's disease (LARGE-PD)
Waldherr S.M., Mata I.F., Cornejo-Olivas M., Torres L., Mazzetti P., Cosentino C., Velez-Pardo C., Jimenez-Del-Rio M., Lopera-Restrepo F., Tumas V., Marques W., Rieder C.R.M., Schumacher-Schuh A.F., Borges V., de Carvalho Aguiar P.M., Ferraz H.B., Dieguez E., Raggio V., Micheli F., Perandones C., Tschopp L., Yearout D., Zabetian C.P.

Analysis of tissue injury response and the microlesion effect to deep brain stimulation leads in a rat model
Vedam-Mai V., Baradaran-Shoraka M., Schwarz J., Kim E.M., Ardila S., Reynolds B.A., Okun M.S.

Anatomical evidences of cortico-basal ganglia circuits involved in different motivation domains in non-human primates
Sgambato-Faure V., Worbe Y., Epinat J., Feger J., Tremblay L.

Another unusual case of multiple system atrophy presenting as corticobasal syndrome with the marked asymmetry
Vastík M., Mensíková K., Kurcová S., Tucková L., Kanovský P.

Anterior thalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation by transventricular stereomicroendoscopy
Rolland A., James S., Gonzalez V., Cif L., Sanrey E., Capdevielle D., Meynadier-Tichet A.-L., Coubes P.

Anti-inflammatory drugs delay the onset of dementia in an incident Parkinson's disease cohort
Williams-Gray C.H., Mason S.L., Foltynie T., Barker R.A.

Anti-parkinsonian medication may aggravate constipation in patients with newly diagnosed idiopathic Parkinson's disease
Son T.O., Youn J., Cho J.W.

Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome presenting as psychogenic chorea
Rodriguez R.L., Malaty I.A.

Apathy among cognition and QOL in patients with PD
Kumon A., Saruwatari M., Kato M., Kawashima N., Hasegawa K., Saito F.

Apocyanin, a NADPH oxidase inhibitor exhibits neuroprotective effects in lipopolysaccharide induced animal model of Parkinson's disease
Sharma N., Nehru B.

Apomophine-induced behaviours in a genetic mouse model of alpha-synuclein overexpression
Bez F., Brehm N., Gispert S., Auburger G., Cenci A.M.

Apomorphine improves early morning motor function: Interim analysis of secondary endpoints in the AM-IMPAKT trial
Pagan F.L., Isaacson S., Ondo W.

Apomorphine therapy for the motor fluctuations of advanced Parkinsonism: A meta analysis
Sales M.C.A., Jamora R.D.

Application of level I testing of the MDS diagnostic procedure for Parkinson's disease dementia to a large population of Parkinson's disease. A multi-center study of Keio Parkinson's disease database
Ohta K., Osada T., Takahashi K., Gotoh J., Yamaguchi K., Seki M., Nihei Y., Iwasawa S., Suzuki N.

Aquatic physical therapy for Parkinson's disease patients to improve quality of sleep
Loureiro A.P.C., Burkot J., Oliveira J., Barbosa J.

Aqueous extract of Glycyrrhiza inflata inhibits aggregation through upregulating PPARGC1A and NFE2L2-ARE pathways in cell models of spinocerebellar ataxia 3
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