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A 7-year follow-up cohort study of substantia nigra echogenicity in patients with essential tremor
Sprenger F.S., Stockner H., Seppi K., Scherfler C., Sojer M., Schmidauer C., Poewe W.

A case of delayed intracranial hemorrhage in Parkinson's disease patient after deep brain stimulation
Kim S.J., Chung E.J., Kim S.L., Kim M.S.

A case of dystonic tics associated with group A streptococcal infection in an elderly man
Mahuwala Z., Metzer W.S., Schwankhaus J.

A case of idiopathic chronic hypoparathyroidism presenting as paroxysmal non kinesigenic dyskinesia- A case report
Kesavamurthy B., Jeyaraman R., Bharani K., Srinivasan A.V.

A case of neurosyphilis and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy presenting with paroxysmal dystonia
Chang Y.Y., Chen Y.F., Lan M.Y., Su C.S., Peng C.H., Liu J.S.

A case of neurosyphilis presenting with tongue tremor and dementia
Teive H.A.G., Moro A., Munhoz R.P.

A case of Parkinsonism following an acute mountain sickness with globus pallidus lesions after travelling the Qinghai-Tibet railway, “Four days in Tibet”
Naito Y.

A case of Wilson's disease with lid-opening apraxia treated with botulinum toxin
Dufresne A.M., Chouinard S., Boghen D.

A case report of fish oil for the treatment of levodopa-induced dyskinesia
Mischley L.K., McNames J.

A case-control study of lithium deficiency in Parkinson's disease
Mischley L.K., Kukull W.A.

A clinical profile of a large cohort of genetically proven patients with SCA-1 from South India
Ansari A.Z., Yadav R., Puroshottam M., Jain S., Pal P.K.

A cluster analysis on newly diagnosed untreated PD patients
Erro R., Vitale C., Picillo M., Amboni M., Barone P.

A comparison of non-motor symptoms in essential tremor and Parkinson's disease: What we can learn from it ?
Lee S.M., Kim M.J., Lee H.M., Lee C.N., Koh S.B.

A comprehensive diagnostic test for familial and early onset Parkinson's disease based on next-generation sequencing
Mencacci N., Pittman A., Sheerin U., Charlesworth G., Hughes D., Sweeney M., Wood N., Houlden H., Lees A., Bhatia K., Foltynie T., Hardy J.

A computer vision framework for finger-tapping evaluation in Parkinson's disease
Khan T., Nyholm D., Westin J., Dougherty M.

A controlled study of risk factors and characteristics of addiction-like behaviors in Thai Parkinson's disease patients: Analysis of 120 cases
Sringean J., Panyakaew P., Limotai N., Bhidayasiri R.

A cross-sectional survey on gastrointestinal dysfunctions in parkinsonism
Kim T.J., Lee J.Y., Kim D.H., Shin C., Kim J.M.

A deep brain stimulation programming template for electronic medical records
Pourfar M.H., Mogilner A.Y., Snapp C.E.

A dilemma of jaw tremor – Association with Parkinson's disease and essential tremor syndrome
Rana M.A., Rana A.Q., Mujawaz Y.

A family with pure hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) due to a de-novo mutation in the NIPA1 gene
Arkadir D., Goldman J.S., Alcalay R.N.

A longitudinal study of anthropometric effects of neuroleptics and stimulants in children with Tourette syndrome
Ginsberg M.R., Sankovic A., Das D., Erenberg G., Ghosh D.

A long-term analysis of aspiration pneumonia prevalence and mortality in patients with Parkinson's disease
Akbar U., Dham B., He Y., Wu S., Okun M.S.

A long-term study for efficacy and safety of istradefylline in Parkinson's disease subjects with wearing-off phenomenon
Kondo T., Mizuno Y.

A new DBS lead: Simultaneous 32-contact local field potential recording in the Parkinsonian STN
Bour L.J., Verhagen R., Contarino F., De Bie R.M.A., Van Elswijk G., Martens H.C.F., Van den Munckhof P., Schuurman R.

A new paradigm in neuropsychological assessment: Motor imagery. A pilot study with Parkinson's disease patients
Cores E.V., Merino Á., Vanotti S., Rodríguez-Quiroga S.A., Arakaki T., Villa A., Garretto N.S.

A new phenotypic presentation of DYT 16: Acute onset in infancy and association with striatal necrosis
Lemmon M.E., Lavenstein B., Hamosh A., Applegate C., Singer H.S.

A new physical therapy approach for Parkinson's disease axial deformities: A pilot study
Montemurro V., Valente M., Scatozza R., Sinibaldi E., Meco G.

A new procedure of selective denervation and myotomy for laterocollic cervical dystonia: Results in 66 cases
Liang J., Ji S., Ma A.

A new, quantitative scale for evaluating L-dopa-induced dyskinesia in non-human primates
Potts L.F., Uthayathas S., Greven A., Dyavar Shetty B., Whithear J.S., Mouradian M.M., Papa S.M.

A nonhuman primate Parkinson's model that recapitulates major motor and cognitive aspects of Parkinson's disease
Schneider J., Li Q., Yang J., Pioli E., Crossman A., Bezard E.

A novel α-synuclein-GFP mouse model displays progressive motor impairment, olfactory dysfunction and accumulation of α-synuclein-GFP
Hansen C., Björklund T., Petit G.H., Lundblad M., Murmu R.P., Brundin P., Li J.Y.

A novel approach to induce human cortical plasticity using cortical disinhibition
Cash R.F., Murakami T., Thickbroom G.W., Ziemann U.

A novel autosomal recessive torsion dystonia of childhood onset, caused by a mutation in adenylyl cyclase 5 gene
Bohlega S.A., Cupler E.J., Alsaif A.J.

A novel heterozygous mutation in ATP synthase (electron transport chain complex V) subunit c gene ATP5G3 causes autosomal dominant dystonia and spastic paraplegia
Gilbert D.L., Leslie N.D., Hufnagel R.B., Neilson D.E.

A novel nonsense mutation in a Taiwanese patient with McLeod syndrome
Chen P.Y., Yan S.H., Yang C.C., Lee M.J., Chiu Y.H., Lai S.C., Yeh T.H., Lu C.S.

A novel treatment for essential tremor through transcutaneous neurostimulation
Gallego J.A., Belda Lois J.M., Castillo A., Romero J.P., Benito Leon J., Pons J.L., Rocon E.

A novel treatment for Mal de Debarquement syndrome. A case study using transcranial direct current stimulation
Pearce A.J., Adair B., Tooley G.

A Parkinson's disease nurse specialist course for East Africa
Walker R., Ebeneezer L., Dotchin C., Hind L., Msuya M., Daniels M., Hooker J.

A patient with probable dopa responsive dystonia having features of spastic paraparesis
Apaydin H., Zeydan B., Gunduz A.

A phase 2, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind trial of tozadenant (SYN-115) in patients with Parkinson's disease with wearing-off fluctuations on levodopa
Hauser R.A., Olanow C.W., Kieburtz K., Neale A., Resburg C., Maya U., Bandak S.

A phase I study of intranasal glutathione in Parkinson's disease
Mischley L.K., Standish L.J., Leverenz J.B., Samii A.

A phase II, double blind, placebo controlled trial assessing safety and tolerability of carbamylated erythropoietin in patients with Friedreich's ataxia
Boesch S., Nachbauer W., Mariotti C., Filla A., Sacca F., Klockgether T., Klopstock T., Schöls L., Jakobi H., Büchner B., Müller vom Hagen J., Nanetti L., Manicom K.

A phase II, double blind, randomized placebo-controlled 4-way crossover study to evaluate the relative efficacy and safety of OC oral solution (oxybutynin and clonidine) for sialorrhea in patients with Parkinson's disease
Ellenbogen A.L., Bardram K.M., Chang C.T., Chen P.

A placebo controlled, randomized, double-blind study to assess the safety and clinical benefit of rasagiline as an add-on to dopamine agonist monotherapy in early Parkinson's disease (PD): The ANDANTE study
Hauser R.A., Silver D., Choudhry A., Isaacson S.

A postural reflex evoked by short axial accelerations
Graus S., Govender S., Colebatch J.G.

A prospective evaluation of anterocollis in two patients with Parkinson's disease
Leegwater-Kim J., Alias M., Severt W.L., Jones H.R.

A prospective observational study of dopamine agonist withdrawal syndrome in Parkinson's clinic: The EuroDaws study
Todorova A., Parry M., Martin A., Odin P., Martinez-Martin P., Antonini A., Rizos A., Jost W., Koch R., Ebersbach G., Gallagher L., Macphee G., Reichmann H., Storch A., Schneider C., Wolz M., Ray Chaudhuri K.

A prospective study of sleep disorders in children with Tourette syndrome
Ghosh D., Rajan P.V., Das D., Rothner D., Erenberg G.

A quick and sensitive screening tool for micrographia in Parkinson's disease
Nackaerts E., Vervoort G., Heremans E., Vandenberghe W., Smits-Engelsman B., Nieuwboer A.

A randomized controlled feasibility trial to determine the effectiveness of Irish set dancing for people with Parkinson's disease
Volpe D., Zanin A., Clifford A., Shahannan J., Morris M.E.

A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study to assess the effect of rasagiline on mild cognitive impairment in patients with Parkinson's disease: The MODERATO study
Weintraub D., Hauser R.A., Choudhry A.

A rare co-occurrence of two commonest Indian spinocerebellar ataxia subtypes: SCA2 2 and SCA12 in a family
Srivastava A.K., Faruq M., Shakya S., Behari M.

A reaprassial of the ten steps test (TST) in atypical Parkinsonism
Morales-Briceño H., Martinez-Ramirez D., Rodriguez-Violante M., Cervantes-Arriaga A.

A rhythmical auditory cueing exercise programme to reduce falls and freezing of gait in PD: The Cued Up! Exercise programme
Martin T., Weatherall M., MacAskill M., Anderson T.

A role for SRY in healthy and injured dopamine pathway: Implication for male susceptibility to Parkinson's disease
Lee J., Czech D., Correia J., Russ A., Vilain E., Harley V.

A snapshot of care delivery and access for Parkinson's disease: Burden and impact on health and lifestyle
Kovacs Burns K.A., Jensen P.M.

A specific SEPT14 haplotype is associated with a reduced risk for Parkinson's disease
Orr-Urtreger A., Rozenkrantz L., Gan-Or Z., Gana-Weisz M., Mirelman A., Gurevich T., Bar Shira A., Giladi N.

A study to compare the effects of motor and non-motor symptoms on the health related quality of life of patients with Parkinson's disease
Veena G.V., Agarwal M., Behari M.

A survey of the clinical state and programming patterns of movement disorder patients with impending deep brain stimulation battery power failure
Wilson K.M.K., Mehanna R., Cooper S.E., Fernandez H.H., Gostkowski M.T., Rudolph J., Ahmed A., Itin I., Machado A.G.

A systematic review of studies on anatomical position of electrode contacts used for chronic subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's disease
Caire F., Ranoux D., Guehl D., Burbaud P., Cuny E.

A systematic review of the behavioural symptoms in Huntington's disease: A cross-sectional and longitudinal approach
McLauchlan D.J., Rosser A.E.

A tale of two restless sisters
Alvarez M.V., Grogan P.M., Alvarez M.

A three-year follow-up study of STN DBS in Parkinson's disease from Southern China
Fu X., Chen L., Liu J., Xian W., Liu Y., Pei Z., Zeng J., Li J., Liu Z.

A web-based system for visualizing upper limb motor performance of Parkinson's disease patients
Memedi M., Bergqvist U., Westin J., Nyholm D.

Abdominal dystonia as a manifestation of multiple system atrophy: Report of a case
Lu M.K., Tsai C.H.

Abnormal implicit prediction in rhythmical saccadic movement of manifest Huntington patients: A 12 months longitudinal study
Toh E.A., MacAskill M., Dalrymple-Alford J., Myall D., MacLeod S., Livingston L., Anderson T.

Abnormal posture in Parkinson's disease patients compared with the general population
Fujimoto K.I., Ando Y., Kawakami T., Ikeguchi K., Nakano I.

Abnormal somatosensory mismatch negativity in cervical dystonia
Chen J.C.A., Hoffland B., Warrenburg B.V., Sadnicka A., Tsai C.H., Rothwell J.C., Edwards M.J.

Abnormal thalamocortical tractography in cervical dystonia
Waugh J.L., Kuster J.K., Woodman S., Makhlouf M.L., Makris N., Brieter H.C., Multhaupt-Buell T.J., Sudarsky L.R., Sharma N., Blood A.J.

Accuracy of experts and novices in assessing gait in children with movement disorders
Ramaswamy S., Morris M., McGinley J.

Accuracy of portable polygraphy for the diagnosis of sleep apnea in MSA
Meissner W.G., Flabeau O., Perez P., Marquant F., Tison F., Philip P., Taillard J., Ghorayeb I.

Acoustic analysis of voice in Parkinson's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Silbergleit A.K., LeWitt P.A., Gardner G., Peterson E.

Activations of cerebellar ocular motor sites in congenital nystagmus
Deutschländer A., Hüfner K., Stephan T., Flanagin V., Dera T., Dieterich M., Brandt T.

Active pharmacovigilance and Parkinson's disease: Identifying vulnerable populations at risk of developing cancers or experiencing negative cardiovascular effects
Crispo J.A.G., Krewski D.

Acute impedance changes during programming & corresponding stimulation estimates
Steinke G.K., Carcieri S., Jackson A., Zhu C., Haut H., Stoffregen W., Wojick L.

Acute lower urinary tract dysfunction after bilateral STN deep brain stimulation surgery for PD
Salazar Montero R., Chai T.C., Fishman P.S., Eisenberg H., Reich S.G.

Acute movement disorders in children: Experience from a developing country
Goraya J.S.

Acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood: A rare fulminant neurological disease with acute movement disorders
Tajudin T.A., Teik B.K., Shclaggar L.B., Ihmi H.

Adaptive changes in autophagy after UPS impairment in Parkinson's disease
Le W., Shen Y., Tang Y., Zhang X.

Adult-onset Sandifer's syndrome
Sanguinetti A., Etcheverry J.L., Gatto E.M.

Advanced Parkinson's disease with neuropsychiatric disorders, including delusional misidentification syndromes. A Brazilian cases report
Teive H.A.G., Moro A., Arruda W.O., Munhoz R.P.

Advanced practice nurse service in a movement disorders outpatient clinic in Singapore
Li W., Tay K.Y., Au W.L., Seah I., Tan L.

Adverse drug reactions with selegiline and rasagiline compared to levodopa and ropinirole: A study in the French pharmacovigilance database
Perez-Lloret S., Rey M.V., Monstastruc J.L., Rascol O.

Age- and gender-related penetrance of abnormal temporal discrimination in unaffected first-degree relatives of cervical dystonia patients supports the concept of a mediational endophenotype
Kimmich O., Molloy A., Molloy F., Healy D., Lynch T., Walsh C., Reilly R.B., O'Riordan S., Hutchinson M.

Aging, dopaminergic midbrain areas and behaviour in chronic experimental Parkinsonism
Campuzano C.M., Yuste J.E., Francisco R.B., Tarragon E., Estrada C., Lopez D., Gomez A., Ros C.M., Fernandez-Villalba E., Herrero M.T.

Akathisia in Parkinson's disease: Frequency and clinical implications
Aykaç Ö., Akbostanci C.M., Mercan N.F., Karan O.

Alchemy or enemy: Sensory tricks in dystonia
Ramos V.F.M.L., Karp B.I., Hallett M.

Alcohol responsiveness in different tremor disorders
Schwingenschuh P., Koegl-Wallner M., Werner U., Ghadery C., Pendl T., Seiler S., Wenzel K., Schmidt R., Katschnig-Winter P.

Alpha-synuclein levels in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonian disorders
Constantinescu R., Mondello S., Khadim L., Jeromin A.

Alteration of three-dimensional vision in Parkinson's disease
Séverac Cauquil A., Ory-Magne F., Jardiné V., Rosito M., Brefel-Courbon C., Celebrini S.

Alterations in glutamate kinetic parameters and alpha-synuclein expression in middle-aged mice with a partial reduction of GDNF
Boger H.A., Wynn W.D., Quattlebaum A., Gregory R.A., Helke K.L.

Alterations of cortical excitability and central motor conduction time in patients with Wilson's disease
Jhunjhunwala K.R., Prashant D.K., Pal P.K.

Altered cortical but not thalamic connectivity in the direct and indirect pathways in hemiparkinsonian Drd1a-tdTomato BACtransgenic mice
Escande M.V., Taravini I.R., Belforte J.E., Murer M.G.

Altered cortico-striatal functional connectivity in the premotor phase of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 parkinsonism
Helmich R.C., Thaler A., van Nuenen B.F., Mirelman A., Gurevich T., Hendler T., Giladi N., Bloem B.R., Toni I.

Altered protein homeostasis and bioenergetics in fibroblasts derived from patients with Parkinson's disease
Blandini F., Ambrosi G., Ghezzi C., Zangaglia R., Minafra B., Pacchetti C., Sepe S., Armentero M.T., Mastroberardino P.G.

Alveolar echinococcosis mimicking multiple metastatic tumors: A case presentation
Ulvi H., Kocatürk I., Yilmaz T., Anik T., Demir R.

Amantadine-induced patulous eustachian tubes in Parkinson's disease
Boyd J.T., Silverman D.A.

AmbuloSono: A sensorimotor contingency-based musical walking program for people living with Parkinson's disease
Hu B., Cihal S., Clark T.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 in a family with full CAG repeat expansions of ATXN2
Tazen S., Figueroa K., Kwan J.Y., Goldman J., Hunt A., Sampson J., Gutmann L., Pulst S., Mitsumoto H., Kuo S.H.

An electrophysiological study of the human pedunculopontine nucleus during imaginary gait
Karachi C., Welter M.L., Ferandez Vidal S., Bardinet E., Grabli D., Lau B.

An exceptional cause of generalized choreoathetosis: Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Díaz-Maroto I., Fernández-Díaz E., Palazón E., Perona-Moratalla A.B., Ayo-Martin Ó., García-García J.

An exercise intervention to prevent falls in Parkinson's disease: An economic evaluation
Fletcher E., Goodwin V.A., Richards S.H., Campbell J.L., Taylor R.S.

An exploration of relationships among emotional decoding ability, motor symptoms and non-motor features in non-demented Parkinson's disease
Yu R.L., Wu R.M.

An independent clinical audit of an alternative treatment paradigm for the management of Parkinson's disease
Chow Chuen J., Beran R.

An open-label study on adding rotigotine treatment to low dose of pramipexole or ropinirole in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease
Kim J.M., Chung S.J., Kim J.W., Thierfelder S., Bauer L., Jeon B.S.

An open-label study on switching therapy from pramipexole or ropinirole to rotigotine transdermal system in subjects with advanced-stage, idiopathic Parkinson's disease
Kim J.M., Chung S.J., Kim J.W., Jeon B.S., Bauer L., Thierfelder S.

An unusual case of impulse control disorder (ICD) in a Parkinson's disease (PD) patient following autologous hemopoietic stem cell transplant
Meenakshi N., Pathak A., Tripathi M., Somani V., Goyal V., Shukla G., Srivastava A., Vibha D., Behari M.

Analysing progressive micrographia in PD as a “motor sequence effect”
Seidl A., Skodda S., Hoffmann A., Kraus P.H.

Analysis of apolipoprotein E genotype in Taiwanese patients with sporadic PD
Huang C.L., Lai S.C., Chang H.C., Yeh T.H., Lu C.S.

Analysis of N551K and R1398H LRRK2 variants in an Asian cohort
Gopalai A.A., Li H.H., Lim S.Y., Lim S.K., Tan L.P., Chong Y.B., Abdul Aziz Z., Ibrahim N.M., Puvarajah S.D., Lim T.T., Zhao Y., Tan E.K., Ahmad-Annuar A.

Analysis of SLC1A2 variant in essential tremor
Paing S.S.T., Foo J.N., Au W.L., Prakash K.M., Ng E., Ikram M.K., Wong T.Y., Liu J.J., Zhao Y., Tan E.K.

Analysis of structural plastic changes underlying L-DOPA induced dyskinesias in an animal model of parkinsonism
Taravini I., Suárez L.M., Gómez G., Escande M., Rela L., Moratalla R., Murer G., Gershanik O.

Analysis of the plasma α-synuclein levels and SNCA variants in Chinese patients with multiple system atrophy
Jiang H., Sun Z., Xiang X., Chen Z., Tang B.

Anatomical correlates of cognitive function in early Parkinson's disease patients
Biundo R., Calabrese M., Weis L., Facchini S., Antonini A.

ANCHOR-CD (abobotulinumtoxinA neurotoxin clinical and health economics outcomes registry in cervical dystonia): Baseline data and cycle one efficacy data
Trosch R., Jozefczyk P., Truong D., Lew M., Adler C., LeWitt P., Singer C., Silay Y., Castagna A., Marchese D., Cetnarowski W., Comella C.

Ancillary investigations to diagnose Parkinson's disease and atypical Parkinsonism: A prospective clinical study
Aerts M.B., Esselink R.A.J., Abdo W.F., Meijer F.J.A., Verbeek M.M., Bloem B.R.

Annonacin, a natural lipophilic mitochondrial complex I inhibitor, increases phophorylation of tau in the brain of FTDP-17 transgenic mice
Respondek G., Yamada E.S., Müssner S., de Andrade A.C.F., Höllerhage M., Depienne C., Tarze A., Friguet B., Salama M., Lee V.M.Y., Champy P., Oertel W.H., Höglinger G.U.

ANO3 - A novel cause of primary dystonia
Charlesworth G., Plagnol V., Holmström K.M., Bras J., Sheerin U.M., Preza E., Rubio-Agusti I., Ryten M., Schneider S.A., Stamelou M., Trabzuni D., Abramov A.A., Bhatia K.P., Wood N.W.

Anthropometric characteristics of treatment-naïve children with Tourette syndrome
Ginsberg M.R., Das D., Erenberg G., Ghosh D.

Anti-basal antibodies in multiple system atrophy
Labunskiy D.A., Poleshchuk V.V., Morozov S.G.

Antibodies to voltage-gated potassium channels presenting with parkinsonism
Shneyder N.V., Doshi H.R., George E.B.

Antioxidant status of superoxide dismutase/catalase enzymatic system modifies the clinic progression in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 Cuban patients
Almaguer-Gotay D., Aguilera-Rodríguez R., Rodríguez-Labrada R., Velázquez-Pérez L.C., González-Triana C., Almaguer-Mederos L.E., Estupiñán-Domínguez A., Cuellos-Almarales D.A., Laffita-Mesa J.M., González-Zaldívar Y., Vázquez-Mojena Y.

Antipsychotic efficacy and motor tolerability in a phase III placebo-controlled study of pimavanserin in patients with Parkinson's disease psychosis (ACP-103-020)
Cummings J., Isaacson S., Mills R., Williams H., Chi-Burris K., Bahr D., Dhall R., Ballard C.

Apathy in elderly non-demented patients with Parkinson's disease
Skorvanek M., Nagyova I., Ghorbani Saeedian R., Rosenberger J., Krokavcova M., Groothoff J.W., Gdovinova Z., van Dijk J.P.

Apathy in Parkinson's disease results from our objective apathy scale
Kumon A., Saruwatari M., Sito F., Kato M., Kawashima N., Hasegawa K.

Apathy in progressive supranuclear palsy
Dell'Aquila C., Barulli O., Muschitiello C., Grasso A., Iurillo A., Tursi M., Tamma F., De Mari M., Iliceto G., Valluzzi F., Tartaglione B., Lamberti P., Zoccolella S., Logroscino G.

Apathy, depression and postural instability in Parkinson's disease: Related to a common pathophysiology?
Hassan A., Vallabhajosula S., Zahodne L.B., Bowers D., Okun M.S., Fernandez H.H., Hass C.J.

Apnea-hypopnea index and supine apnea-hypopnea index could be indicator for severity of cognition impairment in Parkinson's disease with cognitive impairment: Retrospective pilot study
Ha C.K., Choi J.Y., Bae E.K.

Application of an instrumented 3-day activity monitor to evaluate Parkinson's disease clinical subtypes
Herman T., Weiss A., Marina B., Giladi N., Hausdorff J.M.

Approach to treatment of depression in Parkinson's disease: Results from NPF-QII
Schmidt P., Guttman M., Marsh L., Nutt J., Simuni T., Nelson E., Zamudio J., Okun M.

Are branded and generic extended-release ropinirole formulations equally efficacious? A rater-blinded, switch-over, multicenter study
Bosnyák E., Herceg M., Pál E., Aschermann Z., Janszky J., Késmárki I., Komoly S., Dóczi T., Karádi K., Nagy F., Kovács N.

Are falls and balance confidence related to driving restrictions in older adults with Parkinson's disease?
Crizzle A.M., Myers A.M., Almeida Q.J., Roy E.

Argentine tango as a rehabilitation therapy for Parkinson's disease patients
Rodríguez-Quiroga S.A., Arakaki T., Vanotti S., Cores E.V., Merino Á., Rabinovich D., Toibaro J., Garretto N.S.

Assessing fall risk in patients with Parkinson's disease using an instrumented 3-day activity monitor
Weiss A., Herman T., Giladi N., Hausdorff J.M.

Assessing the impact of self-reported disease severity and symptom burden on falls in members of an online Parkinson's disease community
Merikle E.P., Gilligan A.M., Espay A.J., Wicks P.

Assessing the impact of self-reported disease stage and motor and non-motor symptom burden on health-related quality of life in Parkinson's disease
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