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MDS Abstract of the 16th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, Volume 27,
June 2012 Abstract Supplement

Movement Disorders 2012
Dublin, Ireland June 17-21, 2012.

Effect of novel toe stretcher device on foot dystonia in patients with Parkinson's disease

Taylor,  D.C.


To evaluate whether an external stretching device will decrease the pain and foot and/or toe posturing that patients with foot dystonia associated with PD experience.


Foot and toe dystonia are experienced by many patients with PD. Although this dystonia is often responsive to levodopa, the short half-life of this medication leads to erratic control of this condition. Longer-lasting dopaminergic agents may not provide as much benefit as levodopa. Many patients limit daily activities due to the abnormal posturing of their feet. Use of an external toe stretching device has been effective in alleviating other foot problems and use of this device may reduce the dystonic posturing that patients experience.


A total of 19 patients with PD were initially enrolled in this study. After being shown how to apply the toe stretching device, the patients were supplied with diaries and instructed to gradually titrate the length of time they wore the device. After 12 weeks, patients were re-evaluated and improvement in foot dystonia assessed. Any change in the amount of medication that patients were using was additionally assessed.


Several patients had difficulty applying the device or completing the diaries and withdrew from the study because of this issue. Of the seven (7) patients that were able to utilize the device and accurately complete the diaries, six (6) reported benefit in their symptoms. No adverse effects were reported from the use of this device.


This pilot study suggests that an external toe stretching device may be beneficial for patients with PD who experience foot dystonia. Further study is suggested to confirm these findings.

Keywords :

Dystonia: Treatment,Levodopa(L-dopa),Pain,Parkinsonism

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